Cargo Survey

SSG specializes in cargo surveying and loss control through prevention, certification and investigation. In a prevention survey, the surveyor performs a loss control service by assessing the condition of the item at any point during the value chain. A certification survey is usually requested by principals to assess and certify the facts and conditions regarding the item of interest. Investigation surveys are performed once an event has occurred and the facts need to be documented.

RO/RO Cargo Surveys

SSG specializes in surveying services to Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) cargo in Puerto Rico, and we are highly regarded in the maritime industry due to our expertise.  Our know-how allows quick determination of causes and extent of damages, resulting in a final survey report issued within 24 hours. Typical services performed for RO/RO Cargo are: Hatch and Discharge Inspection, First Point of Rest Inspection, Heavy Damages or Contamination Assessment, Pre-Loading Surveys, and Verification Surveys.

Container Surveys

SSG provides surveys of containerized cargo, including damage or loss claims on behalf of insurance companies, carriers, shippers, consignee, or any party in need to determine possible cause and/or extent of damage.  Among others the services include: Container Damage Survey, Container Condition Survey, Cargo Damage Survey, Cargo Stuffing / Un-stuffing Survey, Pre-Shipment Survey.